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Hi! Thanks so much for choosing my blog! I am striving to learn and grow in the word and allow others to do so with me!

I know there are other believers out there struggling with the same things I am who feel that they might not be able to talk to others about it because it is "taboo" or they are afraid of being looked at differently. I've been there. Which is why I wanted to create a place where others, of all ages, can learn and grow in a brutally honest environment.

Too often Christians feel as if they can't truly be honest with another believer about what they are going through, they feel as if they have messed up too bad or done something so awful that should they say anything they would immediately be judged. I can assure you someone else has made the same mistake, someone else has went through what you are going through. It shouldn't be taboo. It shouldn't make you feel like you have to hide. You should feel empowered to grow through your mistakes and learn from them in a way only God can set up.

You're never too far from God. You're never too far from home.

Nothing, past, present, or future, can stop you from Being the Light.

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